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Winter is Here! Make sure your Birds and Critters have plenty of Food and Water.
Winter is Here! Make sure your Birds and Critters have plenty of Food and Water. Be ready with bird & squirrel feeders, heated bird baths, warm birdhouses and premium quality bird and critter food. We've got everything that you need to manage your own wildlife safe-haven and keep your critters and bird friends fed and watered through this winter season and be …
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Cobane Glass & BrushArt Nature & Wildlife Themed Ornaments
Cobane Glass & BrushArt Nature & Wildlife Themed OrnamentsWe carry the largest selection of art studio designed wildlife and nature themed glass ornaments by the Artists Cobanes and Bristle Brush ornaments and figurines by Brushart Studios.The ornate old-world styled glass traditional and the ever-popular nature ornaments created by award-winning Nature Artist Russell Coba …
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Model Kit Building "Back to Basics"

Posted by G.W. on Nov 14th 2020

Model Kit Building  "Back to Basics"
Model Kit Building"Back to Basics"Jigsaw Puzzles aren't the only hobby activity making a come-back ... Add model cars, boats, planes and figures to the hobbies making a comeback. Other old-school activities, like craft kits, painting, baking, cross-stitch, quilting, needlework and sewing, have also received a lightning bolt of life because of the coronavirus lockdowns and stay- …
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DIY Build Your Own Wooden Miniature Dollhouse Room Craft Kits with Miniatures, Furniture and LED Lighting included.
Complete Kits with Build Your Own 1:12 Scale Miniatures, Furniture, LED Lighting, Trims, Paint, Glue and Accessories Are you a fan of detailed miniature hobby crafts? Or are you in search for the perfect miniature house DIY project? Well, the DIY 3D Wooden Puzzle Miniature Dollhouse Room Craft Kits by Hands Craft are your excellent choice. These Kits give you a uni …
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Why are Jigsaw Puzzles so popular again?

Posted by G.W. on Aug 5th 2020

Why are Jigsaw Puzzles so popular again?
Why are Jigsaw Puzzles so popular again?Jigsaw Puzzles are soothing and addicting. According to doctors, puzzles are a form of mental meditation and a diversion ... especially from all that is .. and has been happening in 2020. Working on a puzzle helps pass the time, relieves stress, exercises your mind, and give you a sense of accomplishment when the puzzle is completed. With …
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