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Feel The Power Of The Dark Side: The '85 Olds "Darth Vader" 442 FE3-X
In 1985, Bill Porterfield, Oldsmobile Future Systems and Technology Engineer, wanted to showcase Oldsmobile's product performance. His goal was to "outhandle the Corvette" by maximizing the suspension capabilities and aerodynamics of the FE3-X Cutlass 442 to achieve as close to 1g of lateral force while corning...which they achieved with flying colors.As one reporter at the tim …
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Winter is Here! Make sure your Birds and Critters have plenty of Food and Water.
Winter is Here! Make sure your Birds and Critters have plenty of Food and Water. Be ready with bird & squirrel feeders, heated bird baths, warm birdhouses and premium quality bird and critter food. We've got everything that you need to manage your own wildlife safe-haven and keep your critters and bird friends fed and watered through this winter season an …
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A Long Tom On An Sherman? Yep! The Tamiya M40 Gun Motor Carriage
Manufactured toward the final stages of WWII, the M40 self-propelled gun design employed a combination of proven M4 Sherman chassis components and the powerful 155mm "Long Tom" gun. It was a boon for the 8-man U.S. crews that deployed it, not least because of the serious mobility upgrade it offered over its towed artillery piece predecessors, and an impressive …
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Does Your Dollhouse Have A Television?

Posted by Chris R on Mar 25th 2021

Does Your Dollhouse Have A Television?
Over the past 60 years, the television set has become a staple item in American households. Despite more than 95% of American homes owning a television, we are surprised at how many of our customer's dollhouses do not have one! When asked, most respond with laugh and a "That's a good question!" So if you find yourself scratching your head as to why you nev …
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Do You Have A 1977 Screaming Chicken In Your Collection?
Do You Have A 1977 Screaming Chicken In Your Collection? The Pontiac Firebird, was originally conceived to be on par with Chevrolet's Corvette, but in the end it became the sister car to the Camaro. Early productions of the Firebird were regarded as the pseudo luxury version of the Camaro. It didn't take lon …
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