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Start A New Holiday Stitching Tradition With Bucilla Felt Applique Kits
Bucilla felt appliqué line has long been a celebrated tradition. Make fun felt ornaments, stockings and other decorations you can re-use year after year! These Bucilla kits are challenging, but not too difficult. Take your time and the end results are impressive!Each kit comes with almost everything you need to complete including: stamped felt, sequins, beads, embroidery floss, …
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Feel The Power Of The Dark Side: The '85 Olds "Darth Vader" 442 FE3-X
In 1985, Bill Porterfield, Oldsmobile Future Systems and Technology Engineer, wanted to showcase Oldsmobile's product performance. His goal was to "outhandle the Corvette" by maximizing the suspension capabilities and aerodynamics of the FE3-X Cutlass 442 to achieve as close to 1g of lateral force while corning...which they achieved with flying colors.As one reporter at the tim …
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Invest In A Needle Set And Get The Most Out Of Your Hobby!
When it comes to knitting, you definitely want to have an assortment of needles on hand to handle any pattern you come across. You don't want to be digging around in your basket and discover that you can't finish that sweater today because you're missing the proper needle or cable.Investing in a needle set or an interchangeable circular needle set insures that you will always h …
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Get That Realistic Metal Look On Your Models With Alclad Paints
Add some extra realism to your model or project with Alclad paints! Tired of your chrome and other metallic pieces looking dull? Alclad paints are easy to apply and can really add sheen and shine to your model! Try it on your next model and never worry about your chrome looking like grey! For best results, please follow Alclad's guides here as certain Alcl …
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A Long Tom On An Sherman? Yep! The Tamiya M40 Gun Motor Carriage
Manufactured toward the final stages of WWII, the M40 self-propelled gun design employed a combination of proven M4 Sherman chassis components and the powerful 155mm "Long Tom" gun. It was a boon for the 8-man U.S. crews that deployed it, not least because of the serious mobility upgrade it offered over its towed artillery piece predecessors, and an impressive …
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