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Why are Jigsaw Puzzles so popular again?

Posted by G.W. on Feb 18th 2024

Why are Jigsaw Puzzles so popular again?

Why are Jigsaw Puzzles so popular again?

Candy Jigsaw Puzzle - Why are Jigsaw Puzzles so popular again?

Jigsaw Puzzles are soothing and addicting. According to doctors, puzzles are a form of mental meditation and a diversion ... especially from all that is .. and has been happening in 2020. Working on a puzzle helps pass the time, relieves stress, exercises your mind, and give you a sense of accomplishment when the puzzle is completed. With a jigsaw puzzle, you are presented with a problem, that can be solved, simply by completing the puzzle. Its a GREAT "reset" for your mind, spirit and body.

Though puzzles have been very popular of late, especially during the pandemic, and sales have been very strong, and supplies limited, Oakridge has continued to maintain and offer a great selection of high quality Made in America puzzles at great prices. We continue to offer puzzle in many piece counts and themes, and we are known for carrying a large selection of Large Format puzzles that serve many purposes. Kids can put them together as well as the elderly, with easy gripping large puzzle pieces, which are also perfect for alzheimer's sufferers.

We've picked some best sellers that are back in stock and on their way to our warehouse. Click here for our complete Puzzle Selection, and stay connected as new products, like new Springbok puzzles and new wooden 3-D puzzles and restock from Cobble Hill (Outset Media)Buffalo GamesWhite Mountain and more continue to arrive.

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