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Why Our Pricing is Cheaper and Our Shipping is Different


Our customers say that our pricing is the best on the internet.
(And that's everyday, not just during a sale.)

If you can wait a little while, you can save a bundle! 


Here's how it works:

  1. We place big orders everyday with our brand partners, handcrafters and distributors
  2. Brands ship your items to our warehouse
  3. We wait & group items together if we can
  4. Once ready, we ship them from our warehouse
  5. Then we deliver the items to you

Most items ship from brand partners to our warehouse first, and then ship from our warehouse to you. This takes a little more time, but allows us to save money and pass the savings onto you.

Some items are already in our warehouse, and don't have to wait to start their journey home to you.

Some items don't ship to our warehouse at all — they just ship directly from the brand partner to you. You will know when this is the case as you will get tracking from the brand partner.

Occasionally, an item may take more time to ship to Oakridge's warehouse or directly to your doorstep. Items that typically take longer to ship include, but are not limited to:

  • Made to order and personalized items
  • Items shipping from artisans and handcrafters
  • Seasonal products
  • Items shipped to an address other than billing address

Delivery times vary, and depend on a couple things:

  • Where the item is shipping from
  • Where the item is shipping to
  • Whether the item starts its journey from our warehouse or our brand partner's
  • The shipping option you choose at checkout

Because our items ship from so many places, we offer estimates for when an item ships out from our warehouse, vs. when it will be delivered to you.

Items shipping from a Oakridge's warehouse in the US typically arrive 3-5 days after they leave the warehouse. Items that ship from a brand partner location typically arrive 5-7 days after they leave the warehouse.

Look in checkout for your order's estimated shipping times. We'll email you if your package is going to ship out more than 3 days outside our estimate.

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