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POWER WHEELS - 74310-9239 Silver Shifter Assembly for Jeep

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POWER WHEELS - 74310-9239 Silver Shifter Assembly for Jeep

74310-9239 is a working replacement for part: 74310-2439D, 74440-9139, 76960-9539, 77770-9239, 78477-9239, 78478-9239, 78490-9239

A vehicle that has issues shifting between Forward/Reverse or High/Low may have a faulty shifter.

Please note that colors and dimensions provided are approximate and may vary slightly. Similar parts may be cross compatible but we only guarantee compatibility on the vehicles listed below. If you are not sure if this item is compatible with your vehicle, please contact us!

Compatible with the following vehicles:

73180 Eliminator
74020 Jeep Wrangler 2000
74310 Chevy Truck
74340 Barbie Cruisin Tunes
74440 Jeep Wrangler
74441 International Wrangler
74460 Jeep Enforcer 3-22-98
74460 Jeep Enforcer Revised after 3-22-98
74526 Jeep Sandblaster Sams Club
74558 Barbie Sport Restage
74790 Xtreme Machine
75597 Sawblade
75840 Copper Wrangler
76960 International Sun Jamm
76960 Sun Jammer
76960 Sun Jammer Phase 2
77770 Cruisin Tunes Restage
78474 TRU Blue Bigfoot
78478 Barbie Beach Ranger
78490 Jeep Wrangler 1998
78490 Wrangler Phase 2
78538 Blue Jeep
B0155 Fire Rescue Jeep
B1476 Chevy Silverado (after 3-24-2003)
B1476 Chevy Silverado (before 3-24-2003)
B1675 Barbie Beach Ranger
B2489 BB Ranger TRU 03
B7659 Wrangler Restage
BBF03 Hot Wheels Jeep
BBF04 Barbie Jammin Jeep
BCK85 Jeep Wrangler V3
BGN14 Jeep Rubicon Red
CBG61 Hot Wheels Jeep V2
CBJ37 Hot Wheels Jeep DTC
CBY68 Jeep Rubicon DTC
CBY70 Tough Talkin Jeep DTC
CCG93 Arctic Cat - Girls
CDD17 Dora and Friends Jeep
CGY61 Arctic Cat Camo
CLD96 Disney Frozen Jeep Wrangler v2
CLG79 Arctic Cat
DWR11 Shimmer and Shine v3
DWR16 Arctic Cat
G3740 Street Scene Silverado
H0128 City Slammin Silverado
H3427 Barbie Jammin Jeep
H4433 Barbie Beach Party Jeep Wrangler (after 3-12-07)
H4433 Barbie Beach Party Jeep Wrangler (before 3-12-07)
H4803 Jeep Wranger
H4805 Jeep Wrangler
H4807 Jeep Wrangler (revised)
H7332 Dora Quad
K4563-Dora Jeep Wrangler-TRU
K9758-Diego Jeep Wrangler
L7820 Barbie Jammin Jeep Refresh
L7825 Arctic CAT Camo
N1476 Jeep Rubicon
N3089 Jeep Rubicon
P2896 Smart Car
P8814 Arctic CAT Red RFSH TRU
P8990 Batman Trailrider
T4871 Barbie Jammin Jeep Refresh
T5407 Barbie Smart Car
T6137 - Dora 10th Jeep Wrangler
T6138 Tough Talking Jeep
T7297 - Dora 10th Jeep Wrangler
T7298 Tough Talking Jeep
T8396 Barbie Jammin Jeep
V2503 Barbie Jammin Jeep
V3710 Dora Lil Quad 10th Ani
V4343 Dora Lil Quad
W1652 Barbie Jammin Jeep with Bonus Barbie
W1866 Barbie Jammin Jeep
W4473 Barbie Jammin Jeep
W6215 Barbie Lil Quad
W9418 Hot Wheels Jeep
X0073 Arctic Cat
X3418 Barbie Jammin Jeep
X6833 Hot Wheels Jeep Walmart
X6834 Barbie Jammin Jeep
Y2484 Kawasaki Teryx
Y6534 Arctic Cat
Y8638 Hot Wheels Jeep

/!\ WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
/!\ WARNING: Cancer & Reproductive Harm - California Proposition 65 -

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In Stock in Lemont Showroom
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Pedals & Shifters
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PW Compatible Vehicle Type:
Arctic Cat
PW Compatible Vehicle Type:
Lil Quad (6V)
PW Compatible Vehicle Type:
Vintage Power Wheels (Pre 2005)
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